Finding the right major

Here it is another college post. My life is basically college right now and the classes required for my major require constant reading and studying. If anyone did not know I am a microbiology and immunology major. So getting a double degree is really challenging and also something I really wanted to do.

I want to talk about how I decide what my major was going to be. Deciding a major was not easy and I have changed my major a few times. For anyone who is a college freshman or going to college it is okay to change your major if you find you do not love the major like you thought you would. I did it and I finally found something I could picture myself having a career in and doing for most of my life. I had always wanted to work at NASA when I was younger and I recently found out that they hire microbiologist so someday I could end up in my dream job.

There are so many opportunities for each and every major out there. Finding the right major for you consists of many things. For me it was do I love it, am I going to enjoy doing this for my career, and finally can I see myself doing this. If find a major and you can see yourself doing that career than go for it. It may not be easy, the classes might not be what you thought they would be, you may hate your professors. In the end it will all work out because you will be doing what you love.



Back to School

It is school time and I wanted to share some of my favorite apps, supplies, and backpacks. I also will post about some great websites to purchase cheap textbooks for college. There are some other essentials I will add to the list.


  1. Pens (x)
  2. Notebooks (x)
  3. binders (x)
  4. mechanical pencils (x)
  5. Agenda (x)
  6. calculator (x)


  1.  Quizlet
  2.  Notes
  3. Refme
  4. Dropbox
  5. Google Drive
  6. College app ( If your college has an app I recommend getting the app)

Other Important school supplies:

  1. Waterbottle (x)
  2.  Backpack (x)
  3.  Umbrella (x)
  4. lunch box (x)
  5. earphones (x)
  6. jacket(x)

College Textbook rental websites:

  1. Chegg
  2. Bookrenter
  3. Amazon rentals



College tips

I am now in my second semester in college and I wanted to share some of the tips I have learned from my first semester.


  • Rent them if all possible this saves a huge amount of money.
  • Always buy used unless it needs an access code
  • If you need an access code colleges have them and the book in a bundle


  • I always have my clothes picked out the night before. It helps make the mornings easier.
  • Make a good breakfast such as oatmeal, eggs, or yogurt.
  • Wake up at least 1 hour before hand so you have enough time to do everything you need to.
  • Make tea or coffee to wake you up
  • Make lunch if staying at school for a long time it is cheaper than college food.

In class:

  • Make sure to take good notes
  • ask question
  • write all upcoming assignments in a planner
  • pay attention

Study habits:

  • make notecards
  • use quizlet
  • review daily
  • don’t procrastinate

Flower, what is in your backpack?


I am a full time college student at a local college. I go for most of the day so I bring a lot to college. I occasionally have to bring my lunch which is not pictured. On certain days I am required to bring technology which in my case is my iPad air. In my backpack is my books and notebooks for each class. I also have my purse, glasses,and a book. Other school related things is my binder, pencil bag, planner and bullet journal.

  • My backpack is from Roxy. I would recommend this backpack since it has a lot of room and is easy to carry
  • My binder is a fivestar binder. I love these things they keep all my papers in one place.
  • My notebooks are plain old ones that work great.
  • I use an old make up bag for my pencil holder. I have sticky notes, highlighters, pens and pencils.
  • My planner is a medium Lily Pulitzer planner.
  • I am currently reading Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.
  • I bring my books for each class that requires one.

School Supplies and Apps

  • Pens,Pencils, and highlighters:                                                                                 Papermate Inkjoy pens with caps                                                                           Papermate Flare pens                                                                                                 Ticonderoga pencils                                                                                                     Pentel Mechanical Pencils                                                                                           Sharpie Highlighters
  • Planners:                                                                                                                       Lily Pulitzer Medium Planner                                                                           Floral Planner                                                                                              Academic Planner
  • Notebooks                                                                                                                      Mead Journal                                                                                                                 Five Star Notebook                                                                                                     Pocket Notebooks
  • Binders                                                                                                                          1″ inch binder                                                                                                               Cute Binder                                                                                                              Floral Binder
  • Apps                                                                                                                     Quizlet                                                                                                                      Dropbox                                                                                                                    Google Drive                                                                                                             Wunderlist                                                                                                               Refme
  • Other supplies I usually get are notecards, post it notes,folders, loose leaf paper, and white out. These are important to help retain information, write notes, and correct mistakes. The apps I have listed are very good and I used them a lot. Quizlet helped me make good grades on tests and quizzes. Dropbox and google drive are for storing your essays, papers and powepoints for school. These made my life easier. The planner is another important thing to have. It keeps you organized. I put my schedule, due dates, test dates, and holidays in my my planner. I have the Lily Pulitzer Planner and I highly recommend it