Winter Clothes

Where I live we don’t get much of a winter but I still stock on up on cute clothes for when there is actual winter weather.

Here are some of my favorite winter shirts:

  • Button up jean shirt(x)
  • The classic flannel(x)
  • tunics(x)

Sweater Galore:

I love sweaters so this post will have a lot of them

  • Red sweaters are perfect for the holiday season(x)
  • Oh look another red sweater(comes in other colours)(x)
  • This creme colored sweater would look great with anything(x)
  • Look a printed one(x)


I usually were different types of pants but leggings are also good.

Scarves, Hats, Accessories:

I love scarves and have a habbit of buying one too many beanies especially ones with my hockey and soccer teams on them. I really want to get some more beanies.

  • Printed scarves(x)
  • Chunky knit scarves(x)
  • I had to add hockey(Montreal Canadiens winter classic hat) (x)
  • Oh look another hockey beanie(Dallas Stars) (x)
  • cute socks(x)
  • more cute socks(x)

Coats and vests:

  • Field jacket(x)
  • Pea coat ( I have one and they are amazing) (x)
  • Plaid(x)
  • another vest(x)

These are just some of the things I like for winter. Other good pieces for winter are striped long sleeve shirts, henleys, sweat pants, and lots of warm outer wear if you live somewhere cold unlike me.


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