Helpful life tips

I started college a month ago and I have been thinking about some helpful tips I have learned. Some of them took me a while to put into words. All of these come from my experiences. Life is a mess and very stressful at times. Stress reducing is key.

  • Lay out your clothes the night before. This will save you the hassle the next morning
  • When stressed read a book or watch your favorite tv show
  • Prioritize all the things you need to do during the week. This helps me get the most important tasks done and not to stress so much.
  •  Treat yourself. This is one of the most important things I have ever learned. Self love  makes you more confident about yourself.
  • Listening to music helps me to de stress and relax
  • Travel more. Seeing the world or discovering a new place where you live is amazing. It makes life so much more interesting and less mundane.
  • Clean where you live every week or two. A clean house mean less stress and sickness.
  • Enjoy the little things in life. The good book, the sports game, and the cup of tea.
  • Do not let what other people think of you affect you. You are you. You are an amazing and unique human being.
  • Spend time with friends and family.

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