Flower, what is in your backpack?


I am a full time college student at a local college. I go for most of the day so I bring a lot to college. I occasionally have to bring my lunch which is not pictured. On certain days I am required to bring technology which in my case is my iPad air. In my backpack is my books and notebooks for each class. I also have my purse, glasses,and a book. Other school related things is my binder, pencil bag, planner and bullet journal.

  • My backpack is from Roxy. I would recommend this backpack since it has a lot of room and is easy to carry
  • My binder is a fivestar binder. I love these things they keep all my papers in one place.
  • My notebooks are plain old ones that work great.
  • I use an old make up bag for my pencil holder. I have sticky notes, highlighters, pens and pencils.
  • My planner is a medium Lily Pulitzer planner.
  • I am currently reading Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.
  • I bring my books for each class that requires one.

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